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CBPOA December 7th, 2016 - Quarterly General Meeting Final Minutes

CBPOA December 7th, 2016 – Quarterly General Final Meeting Minutes
Beecher Place
Directors present: Andrew, Ed, Erik, Liz, Bruce, Rona, Robert, Derrick
1)    Call to order:   7:30PM

2)    Presentations:      2:1)   Matt Osler, City of Surrey Engineering

Matt presented the progress to date on the Surrey Coastal Flood Adaption Strategy (CFAS), where Crescent Beach residents, as the first participants, have been engaged in 3 community meeting/workshop discussions through 2016. The next Residential Focus Group meetings will take place in February and will include South Port, NicoWynd and Anderson Walk Strata Corporations. The meetings will be advertised to the Crescent Beach meetings series participants.

Details of the Project, the history, participation and progress can be found at and Matt can be contacted at

The meeting thanked Matt and Carrie with a round of applause.

                                        2:2) Scott McDermid,  Village Montessori School

Scott explained he is experiencing difficulties with the re-zoning application to the City to expand the school, while retaining the Church building, and asked for support from those present. (See the September 2015 Quarterly General Meeting Minutes for Scott’s original presentation to the CBPOA). The City is asking him to appear in January which he hopes to move to February.
The meeting requested, for clarification, that Scott outline in a note, the specific issues for which he is seeking local support.

3)    The new CBPOA Directors were introduced, following the changes at the September AGM.  President, Andrew Severson, Vice President, Ed Searcy and Directors-at-Large Rona Tepper and Robert Doolan.

4)    Approval of the September 7th, 2016 Quarterly General Meeting Minutes.
Proposed: Mark.  Seconded: Scott.        All in Favour.

5)    Business arising from the minutes:    None.

6)    Membership Report:   Bruce reported that the membership today stands at 404, with probably a few more to come this year. This represents the strongest ever representation. Bruce expressed appreciation to all the canvassers on behalf of the Association.

7)    Treasurer’s Report: Liz reported on the numbers. In the current financial year the CBPOA donated $1000 to Beach House Theatre as a local volunteer organization, (in fiscal year 2015-2016 we had donated $1000 to the Camp Alexandra Centennial celebrations).  Liz invited members to suggest other potential local organizations that we might consider in the future.  The CBPOA has also paid out its portion of the membership fees to the Blackie Spit Preservation Society, ($0.50 for every CBPOA member as of June 30th).

Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report:
            Proposed: Carolyn.    Seconded:  Bruce.     All in favour.

8)    Thank you to our Directors who retired in September.

Erik gave a big thank you to the Executive Committee members who had retired at the September AGM and presented each of them with a small gift.  In recognizing Mark, Malcolm, Carolyn and Art for their years of commitment, Erik remarked that they had made his job as President very enjoyable and so much easier.
The Membership thanked the recently retired Directors with a round of applause.

Bruce then thanked Erik for his years of commitment as President, (Erik having transitioned to the position of Past President at the September AGM). In presenting Erik with a small gift, Bruce recognized all Erik’s hard work, beyond what we see at the meetings, and for being a superb public face for the Association in discussions with the City and rail safety stakeholders.  “We now look forward to your years of wise counsel as Past President”
The Membership thanked Erik with a round of applause.

9)    Discussion of the November 16th, 2016 Church Property Potential Development workshop.

Andrew opened the discussion by expressing his view that he is looking to get the temperature and pulse of the membership towards what was proposed at the November 16th workshop and reminded everyone that any potential development is still in its very early stages with nothing having gone forward as an application to the City.

Andrew also reminded the meeting that the City is about to engage with the Crescent Beach Community on the Review of the Crescent Beach Community Plan and discussion about the future of the Church property  fits right into this City led Land Use Review Process.

(The City had been planning the first community meeting on this in November and only postponed the meeting to January because of becoming aware of the November 16th workshop).

Andrew suggested that perhaps we consider a survey of our own as a means of helping to arrive at a consensus view among all our 400 members.

Members’ comments:
 Several members expressed that they felt deceived by what was shown at the workshop, as if it was a done deal.  “The church building at one end or the other, four stories, condos or town homes, pitched or flat roofs, and those are the only possible options.” 

Most important preserving single family dwelling residential vs. preserving the church building

How would more people get out of the village? How can the City contemplate more development before the exit is dealt with.

Until the entrance/exit/rail crossing gets solved, particularly for emergency vehicle access, can’t consider any further development.

Two main themes: 1) are we for preservation of the church or 2) are we for/against higher density?

How could we handle the need for more parking?

Heard at the workshop; if we save the church we get some contingencies with respect to density.

Preserving the church vs. higher density?

If higher density here, then it’s a precedent and what is the domino effect?

Agree the workshop material gave the impression of high density in order to preserve the church building, but lower density could also work.

The City is insisting the church building be recognized as a heritage building and maintained. Need to address the City. Might suggest the City buy the land and make it into a park. There is precedent for this.

In talking with the City Manager of Planning, following the article in the Peace Arch News,(July 7th, 2016), gained the impression that preserving the church building means higher density.

Stay with the zoning that is in the Crescent Beach Community Plan.

Having talked with the people in City Planning, the City is open to what can be done along Beecher to make it more vibrant towards what the residents want.

The City’s perception is that Crescent Beach wants the church building preserved. This has not come from any CBPOA meeting. A comment came from one person at the December 15th 2015 Quarterly General Meeting City presentation of the Community Plan Review Process, (see Minutes).

It is time for the CBPOA to be on record that we want single family dwelling residential.

Preserving the church building, what does it mean for the village?

There were no comments in favour of the November Workshop proposals.

Motion:  That the CBPOA conduct a survey using a questionnaire sent to all
                  Proposed: Jim Mason.  Seconded: Scott McDermid.  All in favour.

-         To gain members views towards working to a CBPOA consensus.
-         Must include the name and address of the membership property.
-         Must include space to allow people to give their opinion if it is not adequately covered through the questions and answers.

10)                       Correspondence:   10:1) Note received from the Project Manager for Phase 2 of the Crescent Beach drainage improvements, (storm sewer installation Sullivan St. to Wickson Rd., on Agar and Gardiner). Ground penetrating radar is being used to confirm the presence of underground archaeological sites, to assist in planning the sewer alignment. The radar investigation will be completed mid- January.
 10:2) Whistle cessation. It had been hoped that this would be in place by this fall. We are informed that the City is waiting on a lease agreement with BNSF for the placement and maintenance of additional fencing along part of the rail to prevent trespass.

11)                       New Business:  11:1)  A question/concern was raised regarding the renewal of the Paddle Board contract, (the previous 3 year contract having expired October 31st, 2016), where it is felt by the member that the City Parks Dept. should not go out for quotes for a new contract without an opinion and guidance from the CBPOA.
The concern appears to be that while, as discussed, the Crescent Beach Community Plan, (1999), speaks to “non-powered water related activities” within the section on Commercial uses, what about the Blackie Spit Master Plan?

Members’ comments: Paddle boards are not offensive. If there is to be a CBPOA opinion, it has to be from everyone, not just a few.

I’m concerned there is no consensus.

Those of us here are fortunate to live by the water and it’s hard to represent that the other 500,000 people in Surrey should be prevented from using the beach/water.

The paddle board operator hires local people in the summer months.

I like the coloured hut.
Following the discussion, the meeting agreed that a survey questionnaire on this point should also be sent out to all members to gain input towards forming a consensus opinion around the question of a paddle board commercial Enterprise at the beach. 

[Note: for more background information, members can Google “The Crescent Beach Community Development Plan” and the “Blackie Spit Preservation Master Plan”. 
Considering the Blackie Spit Master Plan, (subsequent to the meeting): the Vision statement for Blackie Spit Park is “To protect the long term environmental integrity of Blackie Spit while providing opportunities for community and nature-based uses”. Section 4:1 contains a statement of objectives, one of which is to “provide opportunities for passive recreational use, interpretation and education”. Section 4:2 then “outlines the activities that have been identified as desirable program elements” which include “non-motorized boating” and “organized activities and tours”. Stand up paddle boarding, as we know it today, has only come-into-being since 1999, when the two plans were first published].

11:2) There is a proposal now before City Council for a liquor store in the small plaza at Crescent Road and 128th Street. (See the December 2015 Quarterly General Meeting Minutes for more information).

12)                       Ideas for beautification projects – for grant applications.
Beautification of the island at the McBride crossing was achieved through a grant from the City and volunteer work. A second grant has just been approved for beautification of the area outside the sports box on Sullivan.
Are there further ideas for beautification projects?

13)                       Motion to adjourn: Proposed:  Sally  Stewart, seconded: Carole, all in favour.   Meeting adjourned at 8:50PM

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