Monday, September 19, 2016

2016 September AGM Final Meeting Minutes

CBPOA   September7th, 2016 Annual General Meeting Final Minutes.
Call to order:  Erik Seiz at 20:45                                                                                     Beecher Place
1)    Adoption of the September 2nd, 2015 Annual General Meeting Minutes.
Proposed: Mark Nelson.      Seconded: Liz Bailey-Connor.     All in favour.
2)    Business arising:   None.
3)    Directors’ Reports:   Treasurer:   Liz Bailey-Connor: see printed report.
Expenditures for the year included the purchase of a microphone for use at the meetings, a $1000 donation to the Camp Alexandra Centennial Celebrations, and a contribution to the beautification project at the McBride crossing intersection.
There is a CBPOA standing resolution to support the Blackie Spit Preservation Society and $600 was transferred this year. Going forward, the membership number at June 30 will be used to calculate the  amount to be transferred in the following year.
Motion to adopt the Treasurer’s report: proposed: Malcolm Stewart.  Seconded: Andrew Severson.  All in favour.
                                             Membership:  Bruce Friesen:  Membership at June 30 was 384.This is down slightly from June 2015 but no cause for concern. (The previous year’s number included a slight up-tick in membership on the bluff owing to a local issue). Bruce highlighted the importance of having one face to face conversation per year with members and recognized and thanked his excellent team of canvassers for their work.
4)    New Business:  None

5)    Election of Officers:  President, Vice-President and Membership.
Mark presented the slate of Members who had agreed to stand and asked if there were any further nominations from the floor. In the absence of any further nominations, by acclamation, Andrew Severson will take up the position of President, Ed Searcy will take up the position of Vice- President and Bruce Friesen will continue as Membership. Erik Seiz becomes Past President.
The outgoing Officers, President, Erik Seiz, Vice-President, Malcolm Stewart and Past President Mark Nelson were thanked with a standing ovation, for their many years of very valuable contribution.

6)    Motion to Adjourn: proposed: Bob O’Brien.  Seconded: Carol Abernethy.  Meeting adjourned at 21:00

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