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2016 September Quarterly General Meeting Final Minutes

CBPOA September 7th, 2016 – Quarterly General Meeting Final Minutes.

Beecher Place

Present: Erik, Malcolm, Mark, Liz, Bruce, Carolyn, Art, Derrick

1)    Call to Order:     7:30PM

2)    Presentations:    2:1) Carrie Barron, City of Surrey Engineering.

Construction of the splash over containment berm on the frontage will start October 3rd. This will be installing drainage catch basins on the land side of the walkway and constructing the berm.

In answer to a question, Carrie responded that the concrete bench protection outside Beecher Place will be constructed in October.

The City also has bids out for rapid deployment temporary flood protection devices, to be on hand City wide, when storms and potential flood events are forecast.

There is money in the budget for the next three years to continue with drainage work on Gardener, Agar and O’Hara.  Victor Jhingan is asking to attend the December Quarterly General Meeting to talk to the 2017 work plan.

There will be a community meeting, next Wednesday, to talk further about future Coastal Adaption Strategies – Erik will send out an e-mail with details and pre-registration to attend is preferred. The City will talk to how the community input being received at these meetings will be used in the larger study, (the “Coastal Flood Adaption Strategy”), for which the Consultant has now been hired.

                              2:2) Sgt. Chan, RCMP and Gabriel Pelletier.

Sgt Chan is the new Sergeant for South Surrey District 5. 
Gabriel is the local City of Surrey Community Programs Co-ordinator, (formerly the Crime Prevention Co-ordinator where this function and the crime prevention volunteers have now been brought together). The Block Watch Captains, (promoting observe and report), speak through Gabriel to the RCMP.

Sgt. Chan indicated an approximate 8% increase in beach issues/fires on the beach issues, this year compared to last year, (July and August months).

Last summer, (2015), RCMP members were specifically assigned to patrol South Surrey parks with a zero tolerance mandate. This summer we didn’t have this as the priorities had shifted in Surrey. Also there was community push back last year around the zero tolerance approach, as many of the infractions were by residents.

The chair asked, by a show of hands, do those of you in attendance tonight support the zero tolerance approach?  The majority of the room were in support.

From the floor, issues on the beach and at the parking lot after dusk continue, along with speeding and blowing through 4 way stop signs, particularly on Sullivan St.

Sgt. Chan responded that the level of reporting is still low and without the reports as evidence he has difficulty gaining support from his superiors for more presence in Crescent Beach.   The point was made it is us, the residents, who have to report things directly to the RCMP.
The question was asked, given the success of the “Surrey Request App”    in reporting things in to the City and gaining action could there be a similar App for more readily reporting to the RCMP?

Following a back and forth discussion, in terms of crime prevention, the message coming out was:  reporting to the RCMP is crucial to gaining more presence. Residents can greatly assist themselves by “hardening the security” of their premises and their belongings to avoid and reduce “crimes of opportunity.”

      (For information: reporting mechanisms for a witness/victim are 911 for emergencies, the non-emergency number 604 599 0502, and e-mail

3)    Approval of the June 1st, 2016 Quarterly General Meeting Draft Minutes.
                            Proposed: Carolyn.  Seconded: Bob.  All in favour.

4)    Business arising from the minutes:  None.

5)    Activities and Actions since the June Meeting.

        5:1) Partially obscured sign O’Hara Lane corrected.
        5:2) Coast Mountain Bus issued Operator Bulletin reminding drivers                                   to obey posted speed limits.
         5:3) Contacted the City requesting consideration of calming on
          5:4) Contacted the City about the amount of litter away from the

6)    Camp Alexandra Centennial Homecoming Celebration on September 10th.

7)    Correspondence and announcements:   None.

8)    New Business: Mark reminded the meeting about the success of the beautification project at the McBride Crossing. This was enabled through applying to the City of Surrey for a grant and volunteer effort.

Mark proposed that we apply to the City for another grant to improve the area in front of the Sports Box on Sullivan. Seconded: Carolyn.  All in favour.

Motion to Adjourn:    Proposed: Christine. Seconded: Barb. Meeting adjourned at 8:40.

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